Where did the Screenshots in RobocodeLab go?


I once showed my colleagues how cool Robocode LAB embedds screenshots:

But now its gone:

Do I need to configure something? It was quite an eyecatcher.


:hushed: Oh no… I love that feature! We will check what has happened.

@Markus in rpaframework release 2.3.0 we changed how screenshots are created, default was changed to EMBED to reduce size of log files (by not creating screenshot images). Unfortunately this introduced side-effect that screenshots are not visible in the notebook.

Upcoming release 2.6.0 will change this so that if IPython is detected to be active (it is in the notebook mode) then EMBED is not used so that screenshots can be seen in the notebook.


Images are back with 2.6.0 :slight_smile:


How do yo save a screenshot and copy it to the clipboard to then paste it “Ctrl V”

Taking a screenshot is easy:

*** Settings ***
Library  RPA.Desktop

*** Tasks ***
My Task
    Take Screenshot  screenshot.png

But copying an image to clipboard is more difficult:

  • In Windows you need a short python keyword (see SO)
  • In MacOS and Linux you probably need to use some command line utilities (e.g. pbcopy, pbpaste, xclip, xsel etc.)

@Teppo Can you connect to a videocall to discuss this in depth and do an example?
Does somebody else want to join?

Which operating system are you using? Windows?