Which IDE to use: Lab or VS Code? New developer needing advice

Hey everyone,

I’m in the process of looking at RPA solutions for my company. We have been using Microsoft Power Automate Desktop since it’s free with Windows 10+, but I like the human readable syntax of robot framework and used it briefly for automation testing. With that said, which would you recommend as someone new getting into the automation programming…Robocorp Lab or VS Code? I’m looking for ease of use, lower barrier to entry in terms of intuitiveness, etc. Thank you!


I would recommend using VS Code, this seems to be the strategic direction Robocorp is taking.
I ran into some issues when using Lab and switched over the VS Code which was much more stable (and has more features once you start working with it - esp. the Work Items)


Great! Thank you for the help! On first glance, I like the VS Code setup better. I’m not a big fan of the cells concept. Appreciate the input!