Why doesn't Automation Studio show all the keywords?

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I’ve just installed Automation Studio and pre-built libraries. There is the menu with all keywords in the left dock. So, why can’t I see keywords like “HTTP > Get”? I can write them in the Code mode, and it will work, but can’t see in Visual.

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Unfortunately sidebar at this point is unable to show all keywords, same goes for custom libraries. You are able to add libraries and use them but keywords will not be shown on explorer.

Some of the keywords are shown, and others are not, what is the difference between them? Why Automation Studio developers decide to show just several keywords and add convenient search bar, but only for the part of all necessary data?

Isn’t Automation Studio open source? I could write this function myself and then submit a pull request. It doesn’t look very complicated.

Some keyword documentation have been available on Studio since beta, others will be added during development cycle.
If Automation studio feels limiting you can check out Robocorp tooling for VS code.

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Ok, thank you, I’ll take a look

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