Why the module is not exist in robot framework but it does workable in the py file?

As I want to use the py file in robot framework, but i found that the py file itself can run properly but it will show error as i use the py file as library in the robot framework? The opencv is already installed, but seems like the robot framework can detect it?

What is on your conda.yaml? Have you added your dependencies there, or are you manually managing your environments (which you should not do with our tooling)?

this is the conda

At least for me, that conda.yaml does not bring in opencv, so then that is not installed in environment. And so it cannot be found by tooling.

What is expected in that conda.yaml to bring in that library? What are dependencies of that abbc.py and where are those installed into environment?

Adding relevant documentation Adding packages to your robot | Robocorp documentation

but it’s already install in the library but i dont know why it’s not showing out in robot framework. Or can u remote checking what’s wrong with my robot?

If thing is not in conda.yaml then it is not in isolated environment. If you want it there, then declare it on conda.yaml file. See link that @raivo posted above.

And I cannot remote check what is on your robot. I don’t even know where that “remote” is …