Win10 installation - stuck on longfilename activation

Hi there,
I try to install Robocorp on a Win10 machine.
I’m stuck to a message saying that the long filename option has to be activated even if it is already activated.
Note: working on a corporate machine, so I haven’t all privilege (still can launch it as an admin) to change the group policy but I was able to verify it is activated by looking to the registry and creating a long filename file.


If possible could you submit an issue report via Robocorp Lab? This way we could get the application logs to see what is happening. Please include you email address in the issue report so that we can get in touch with you directly we will probably need more details from your setup. If you are on the developers Slack you can also ping me there.

The check is actually trying to create a directory the same way where the underlying implementations of Miniconda and pip do and it is probably still failing which would suggest that there is some extra setting in the Windows 10 revision you have (I’m assuming it is Enterprise) or some corporate Group Policy is actively overriding the registry setup.

We are in the process of switching from Miniconda to MicroMamba in our internals which handles Windows correctly (and is a lot faster) but just this week in testing noticed that Pip tools also get messed up if you have special characters in your Windows username. In short this has been bugging us hard so I would like get to the bottom of this :wink:

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Sure, I can do what you need to investigate.
But I can’t submit an issue report as I only have the window saying that Robocorp Lab needs additional setup. When I select “Setup Automatically”, it closes

Aah… of course so you are stuck in the pre-check phase.
Sorry didn’t realize this one.
So if you can email to and attach the log file found from here.
We can get started.