Windows desktop application robot tutorial

Windows desktop application robot tutorial

Tutorial for creating a software robot for interacting with a Windows desktop application using RPA Framework.

  • What libraries have you used for automating Windows applications?
  • What applications do you need to automate most often?

@jani I’m following this LOCATING AND TARGETING USER INTERFACE ELEMENTS IN ROBOCODE LAB to automate windows calculator, While developing the bot I’m able to capture the controls as explained but when I try to run the bot is failing.

Please help to to automate this use case.

Hi @Ranjith,

The second argument for Open executable is the title of the window to attach to. In your use-case, it should probably look like this: Open Executable calc.exe Calculator.

However, it seems like there is a regression in RPA Framework, as it should at least give a proper error message when this happens. I created an issue for it in RPA Framework GitHub and will try to improve this for the next release.

Let me know if you have further questions.

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@osrjv Thank you for the update.

Just to update here:

RPA Framework 2.2.0 introduced some improvements for error logging when attaching to a window fails. For example:

Open Executable   calc.exe  abc123

ValueError: No window with title 'abc123'