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Hello everyone,
I’m working on control room, I built a simple robot to create a work item it works well and when I uploaded it to control room I got an error.

*** task ***
save workitem to control room
Create Output Work Item
Set Work Item Variable hosni mohhosni
Save Work Item

can anyone help. :slight_smile:

Your process in Control Room does not have next Step configured. If this “simple robot” is producer (which produces workitems), then you have to add next Step which is consumer, that will consume those created workitems.

So fix is either:

  • do not create workitems, but process them here, or …
  • create next Step in your Process in Control Room with some other robot taking those workitems in
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I have two robot one to create work item and the other working on it, and when I upload it to control room it asks me to up consumer or producer, so how can I upload them together and run consumer after producer or I can’t do this.

Hi there is course what you can check for this. When creating new robot you can also select template that supports this model.

The course that @linkraivo suggests is a great learning resource.

Notice that you can use any two robot tasks (from one shared project or two separate ones), and add them together as two steps in the Control Room when configuring a process. So your producer step can come from another robot than the consumer - as long as the last step consumes the work items created by the previous one. How you upload them does not matter, only how you configure them as Process Steps.

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Also comment by @Teppo from slack is very good to know:

With Control Room every work item that is 
created by step one is automatically processed only by step 2.
If step 2 also creates work items, only step 3 processes those. 
That functionality is automatic with Control Room.
 i.e. it is not possible to get work items created in step 1 to step 3 for processing. 
Created work items are always handed only to the next step.

thanks @Tommi-Robocorp it is the correct answer

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