Work Items Special Characters Treatment

When getting Work Items using the “Get Work Item Payload” keyword strings with diacritics like “Renó” converts to strange stuff like “Renó”.

How can I fix that?

This is probably a mismatch between data writing and data reading codecs. How do you originally store the data to the work item? Is it done with:

  1. RPA.Robocloud.Items -keywords or
  2. process API in Robocorp cloud or
  3. stored in local items.json file
  4. some other way that I cannot think of right now :slight_smile:

This information can help me to track the problem.

I’m currently storing it in a local items.json, but managed to fix it.

def decode_string(string:str):
    return string.encode('iso-8859-1').decode("utf-8")
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