Workday tasks time control robot

This is s complete robot solution that I am using daily, and it contains the following main features:

  • turn on/off work with automated checkin/checkout tasks needed to perform daily

  • display a tray icon with the status and calculated time I should checkout

  • run robot tasks directly from tray icon menu

  • checkin/checkout tasks can perform either web actions (e.g. login, navigate to page, press a button), either record the in/out times in an excel file

  • works on Windows and macOS

  • can use any of the Selenium or Playwright libraries

  • demonstrates how to run a robot task from batch file in Windows or command file in macOS, or from an icon menu

  • includes German and English localisation, and thus demonstrates how to use localisation messages with robot code

  • all customisation is isolated within devdata folder, env.json and vault.json files



One technical comment, you have both defaults and conda-forge channels in your conda.yaml. Can you use just conda-forge there? Having more than one channel source might cause problems …

To help in future, you can run rcc configuration diagnostics --robot path/to/robot.yaml to check if everything is ok. With current version, you should see - Conda warning Try to avoid multiple channel. They may cause problems with code compatibility. warning in output.

Thanks. I will fix that. I always saw that issue reported in VSCode but never really tried to understand it. :slight_smile:

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