Zapier to Start Process with Work Item Variables

Hi Robot Developers!

Just sharing some learnings on how to start a Robocloud process via Zapier.
While similar topics has been covered in some of the tutorials, this will just focus on the specific Zapier HTTP Post that you need to set up.

TL:DR - Use a custom request type not a post when creating a ZAP


  • You have deployed your robot and configured a process in robocloud
  • The robot accepts Work item variables
  • You have signed up for a free Zapier account
  • You have created an API key in Robocloud for triggering the process


  1. Create a new ZAP and set up a trigger (something that will invoke your process) - use “Schedile by Zapier” if you don’t have anything yet.

  2. Next add a “Webhooks by Zapier” step - and select Custom Request not POST

  3. Use the API Helper in Robocloud (a great tool) to create the API call structure for you:

    At the bottom of the page the API helper will provide you with the URL and Authentication token for you to use. You can copy these values in the next steps.

  4. Configure the HTTP details

    and then provide your workitem data as follows (note this is hard coded for now) but you can easily replace these values that are provided by the previous trigger step.

  5. Copy the Authorization token headers like this:

  6. Test you action and watch it process in Robocloud!

Congratulations you can trigger processes from Zapier!

Regards, Warren


Also just for Info, if you want to call Zapier with the results of your Run, you can call a webhook and passback the values to any other connected Zapier App (I have been using SmartSheet as an example):

Good luck automating…